Soy Sauce Biscuits

Soy Sauce Biscuits

by Pomegranate tree 2008

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My husband likes to eat noodles, and always accompanies me to eat rice. Today, I will make a delicious sauce cake for my husband. This cake is different from the past. It is not hot noodles, but made with noodles. It is soft and easier to digest. Love is to consider more for the other party.


Soy Sauce Biscuits

1. Knead the noodles and ferment to twice the original size,

Soy Sauce Biscuits recipe

2. Let’s fry the sauce again, fry the onion first, then fry the sauce, and finally add the barbecue ingredients and fry until fragrant.

Soy Sauce Biscuits recipe

3. Roll the dough into a rectangle, spread the sauce, sprinkle with chopped green onion, and fold it.

Soy Sauce Biscuits recipe

4. Roll out, grease the surface, sprinkle white sesame seeds, and fry in a pan over low heat.

Soy Sauce Biscuits recipe


You need to put more oil in the stir-fry sauce so that it is fragrant. \nThe pancakes should be turned on a low heat, otherwise it will be easy to batter.


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