Spicy Crayfish

Spicy Crayfish

by Mitin Waiting

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When I used to eat barbecue, I always like to have another crayfish. The spicy sizzling haha but I don’t get tired of it. Later, the barbecue was exposed to a lot of problems, and I gradually stopped eating. I changed it to cook it at my own home, and the crayfish became my own. The dishes on the dinner table are actually not difficult to make, and they are also very affordable~


Spicy Crayfish

1. Live crayfish are kept in clean water. If the water is dirty, change it. I kept it for a day

Spicy Crayfish recipe

2. Clean the crayfish with a toothbrush

Spicy Crayfish recipe

3. After blanching with boiling water, remove the shrimp thread

Spicy Crayfish recipe

4. Prepare spices such as bay leaf, cinnamon, dried chili, star anise, anise, etc.

Spicy Crayfish recipe

5. Put oil in the pot, add spices after heating

Spicy Crayfish recipe

6. Add garlic cloves and stir fry until fragrant

Spicy Crayfish recipe

7. I like to put a little bean paste, this can be adjusted according to my taste

Spicy Crayfish recipe

8. Add crayfish and stir fry

Spicy Crayfish recipe

9. Put in a small amount of beer

Spicy Crayfish recipe

10. Add appropriate amount of soy sauce and water

Spicy Crayfish recipe

11. Add appropriate amount of salt and stir-fry.

Spicy Crayfish recipe


Live crayfish is not good to go to the prawn thread, you can blanch it with hot water before frying, so it is convenient to go to the prawn thread


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