Spicy Strips

Spicy Strips

by Plums for gourmet

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How to make spicy strips? Arranged today, it definitely restores the classic spicy noodles we ate when we were young. It is very chewy and oily. It is super greedy and more addictive

Spicy Strips

1. Pour chili powder, crushed chili, cumin, cumin powder, pepper powder, salt, sugar, chicken essence, and fried white sesame seeds into the bowl. Stir well and set aside

Spicy Strips recipe

2. Fried aniseed. Put oil in the pan, then put the green onion, ginger, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, and bay leaves into the pan. Fry slowly on low heat until it is browned

Spicy Strips recipe

3. Heat the oil in the pot and continue to heat for a while, then pour it into the prepared chili noodles, stir and stir, pour the hot oil again, at this time the aroma will come out

Spicy Strips recipe

4. Soak the beef tendon noodles in cold water for 30 seconds. If you want the spicy noodles to taste good, you must grasp the cold water soaking time for the beef tendon noodles.

Spicy Strips recipe

5. Put the beef tendon noodles on the steamer and steam for three minutes, then uncover them while it is hot to prevent sticking together

Spicy Strips recipe

6. Find a larger container, pour the chili oil on the beef tendon noodles, mix evenly, and the spicy noodles are made.

Spicy Strips recipe


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