Spinach in Soup

Spinach in Soup

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I like to use spinach for the soup, add lean meat and garlic cloves and stir-fry, the soup is rich, the vegetable is soft but not rotten, and the taste is fresh and delicious~


Spinach in Soup

1. Prepare ingredients: spinach, garlic cloves, lean meat

Spinach in Soup recipe

2. Peel and smash garlic cloves, slice lean meat, add Qingxuan soy sauce, salt, chicken powder and stir for a while, finally add starch and a little sesame oil and stir again.

Spinach in Soup recipe

3. Spinach cut off the head, soak and wash

Spinach in Soup recipe

4. Pick up and drain the water

Spinach in Soup recipe

5. Heat up a pan, put a proper amount of oil, add garlic and sauté

Spinach in Soup recipe

6. Pour in the lean meat and stir fry

Spinach in Soup recipe

7. Stir-fry until the meat slices are white and the fragrance overflows

Spinach in Soup recipe

8. Pour in some water

Spinach in Soup recipe

9. Cover the pot and boil

Spinach in Soup recipe

10. Pour the spinach and mix well with a spatula

Spinach in Soup recipe

11. Keep it on high heat and cook for a few minutes. Cook until the spinach is soft

Spinach in Soup recipe

12. Add salt and chicken powder

Spinach in Soup recipe

13. Pour in the abalone juice and stir-fry evenly

Spinach in Soup recipe


When processing spinach, it is best to use scissors to cut off the head directly, so that it is clean and there is no sand trapped on the stems, and it is easy to eat. Marinating the meat for a while and then sautéing can keep the meat tender and smooth.


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