Steamed crab

Steamed crab

My husband likes to eat seafood, especially crabs and Pippi shrimps. The Mid-Autumn Festival is about to come. This is the rhythm of eating crabs. Today, I have a rest with my husband, and we went to the big market together and saw crab sellers. I begged to buy it again, the aptly named "Try Fat and Thin" is actually greedy!







by ゞSunnyヾ

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How to make it (Steamed crab)

1. For the crabs you bought, remove the rubber bands on the leggings and wash them
Steamed crab recipe
2. Put on the steamer and steam it over water. Belly up
Steamed crab recipe
3. Sprinkle with salt so that it will taste like salt when it is steamed
Steamed crab recipe
4. After boiling the pot, steam it for 5 minutes
Steamed crab recipe
5. You can enjoy it!
Steamed crab recipe

Crabs are cold in nature. Don't eat too much at a time. You can also add ginger or rice wine to neutralize it!
After eating crabs, you can’t eat watermelon~ Both of them are cold in nature. If you eat them together, they will be slightly poisoned and cause gastrointestinal discomfort.


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