Stewed Rice with Tomato Sauce

Stewed Rice with Tomato Sauce

by Fly, Xiao Gao Gao

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In the first week of unemployment, gnawing on his old capital is in progress. When I go to the supermarket once a week, carrots, potatoes, onions, and hams are almost a must-buy. One is because these can be stored for a long time, and the other is cheap! Cheap! The rich is the uncle... This time making tomato stew rice is like playing, I spent an hour in the kitchen alone, took an ugly photo, and then there was this version of the video that didn’t look delicious. , Haha Seeing is fictitious and taste is believing, let's try it together!


Stewed Rice with Tomato Sauce

1. The vegetables are diced and ready. Because I decided to cook braised rice temporarily, I didn't have celery and replaced it with cabbage. Practice has proved that celery is better!

Stewed Rice with Tomato Sauce recipe

2. Put the vegetables in the rice cooker one by one, with a tomato in the middle. Add salt, pepper and vegetable oil. Turn on the cooking function of the rice cooker.

Stewed Rice with Tomato Sauce recipe

3. Dice the onion and prepare the onion sauce. In fact, this step is affected by the onion sauce in the burger. Later, I will make a special recipe to introduce the onion sauce in fast food. It is simply the old godmother of the western catering industry!

Stewed Rice with Tomato Sauce recipe

4. Put a little vegetable oil in the pot, add the diced onion when the oil is hot, fry the flavor and add a little water, add salt, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, and simmer until the soup thickens

Stewed Rice with Tomato Sauce recipe

5. Pour the boiled onion sauce into the braised rice and stir! The sweet aroma of tomatoes, the meaty aroma of ham, the delicate aroma of celery... the most important thing is health!

Stewed Rice with Tomato Sauce recipe


Use a little less water when steaming rice.


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