Stir-fried Fennel Tofu

Stir-fried Fennel Tofu

by Little Lychee Dad

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My baby is just over 1 year old, and he really likes to eat this dish. The sweetness of the big chili and the umami of tofu are combined. It is really delicious!


Stir-fried Fennel Tofu

1. Cut the ingredients and set aside

Stir-fried Fennel Tofu recipe

2. Put the shredded pork in hot pan and hot oil and fry it first, then remove it for later use

Stir-fried Fennel Tofu recipe

3. Stir-fried chili and Baiye tofu with oil

Stir-fried Fennel Tofu recipe

4. Stir fry for about 1 minute, add the fried shredded pork

Stir-fried Fennel Tofu recipe

5. Add salt light soy sauce and dark soy sauce to season with oil consumption and it will be out of the pot

Stir-fried Fennel Tofu recipe


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