Stir Fried Fish Bubbles

Stir Fried Fish Bubbles

by Aixinjueluo. Li Meng

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Fresh and high-quality dried fish maw (commonly known as fish bladder) is a traditional seafood food, known for its viscous substance, so people also call it isinglass and fish glue.
Because fish foam is a sticky substance, rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, fish foam has the functions of invigorating kidney deficiency, strengthening waist and knees, nourishing yin and essence, and nourishing skin. For people with weak physique, loss of true yin, mental overwork, and overwork, it is most suitable as a tonic.

Stir Fried Fish Bubbles

1. Because the secret formula is not explained in the early stage.

Stir Fried Fish Bubbles recipe

2. Drain the water

Stir Fried Fish Bubbles recipe

3. Diced pepper

Stir Fried Fish Bubbles recipe

4. Stir fry

Stir Fried Fish Bubbles recipe

5. Tasty

Stir Fried Fish Bubbles recipe


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