Stir Fried Kidney

Stir Fried Kidney

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Many people don't like to eat it because they are worried about its bad taste. In fact, as long as it is handled properly, there will be no strange smell, so the key is to handle it!


Stir Fried Kidney

1. Gathering the waist is the key! All the white parts inside must be removed, there must not be any, otherwise there will be a peculiar smell!

Stir Fried Kidney recipe

2. The key to the formation of the waist flower, this dish is not beautiful, mainly here. With a flower knife as shown in the figure, cut parallel to the waist, and then cut at an angle of 45° to the beginning. It can't be cut each time, and the bottom is connected to a third. Finally, cut the whole waist flat in small sections.

Stir Fried Kidney recipe

3. Cut carrots, cucumbers, and peppers into slices.

Stir Fried Kidney recipe

4. The waist is blanched, and the waist is rolled up and taken out immediately, otherwise it will become hard and not tasty when it is old. Remove it and soak it in cold water immediately. Success in blanching becomes a waistband.

Stir Fried Kidney recipe

5. The so-called stir-frying is to heat the oil, pour the kidneys, add appropriate amount of salt, sugar, cooking wine, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, and stir-fry evenly.

Stir Fried Kidney recipe

6. Stir fry evenly.

Stir Fried Kidney recipe

7. Pour in starch water and stir-fry evenly.

Stir Fried Kidney recipe

8. Drizzle sesame oil before serving.

Stir Fried Kidney recipe

9. Delicious peculiar smell, beautiful shape!

Stir Fried Kidney recipe


Look carefully at the step-by-step instructions!


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