Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts

by Happy and happy

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Some time ago, I posted a recipe for dumplings, which contained a kind of food from my hometown-馓子. I received comments from many friends. Many people gave many other tips on how to make vegetarian dumplings. I learned many ways. Regarding the buns I put, some people say that they have never seen buns, some say that they eat buns every day, and some friends say that there is no other way to eat buns other than making dumpling fillings and eating them directly. In fact, it is not. In our hometown, fried bean sprouts with steamed buns is a very good home cooking, simple, easy to cook and delicious. When I was a child, I used to fry bean sprouts and grab a handful of buns and fry them together. Now I’m drooling when I think about it.

But even the same kind of food will be one way to eat in one place. My mother-in-law and my mother-in-law’s home are two adjacent cities, which are less than 100 kilometers away. Both sides like to eat buns, but my mother-in-law doesn’t know. This steamed bun can still be eaten with stir-fry. It just so happened that my mother-in-law likes to eat fried mung bean sprouts, so I made this dish of fried mung bean sprouts. When she saw it, she was also very surprised and asked: This dish can still be fried! But when she tasted it, she was full of praise, saying that it was delicious when it was fried, and when she rolled it up with her mother-in-law's favorite bun, she liked it even more.
Fried bean sprouts can be made with shredded pork, scrambled eggs, or vegan. This is what you like. Leeks are indispensable. Firstly, they can enhance the color and secondly, they can enhance the flavor. You don't need too much, just a small handful. Carrots can not only supplement carotene, but also enrich the color of dishes, making them more nutritious and delicious. The method is simple, easy to learn and make, not to say much, the recipe is here, please read down on the specific production process!


Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts

1. Rinse the mung bean sprouts with clean water;

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts recipe

2. Wash the leeks, peel the carrots, shred the lean pork meat, and smash the buns;

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts recipe

3. Cut the meat first, and marinate the cut lean pork with light soy sauce for about 3 minutes;

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts recipe

4. Then cut carrots and leeks into small pieces;

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts recipe

5. Heat up the wok, add cooking oil, then add the marinated lean meat, stir fry until the color changes;

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts recipe

6. Stir-fry the lean meat and add carrots and stir-fry; after the carrots are fried, the color will be more beautiful, and the oil in the pan will be a little carrot-colored;

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts recipe

7. Put the mung bean sprouts in the pot and stir fry until the mung bean sprouts are a little soft;

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts recipe

8. Then put in the leek section, and put in the right amount of salt to taste. (You should put less salt, because the meat is marinated with light soy sauce, so light soy sauce contains salt, and you need to put the buns behind, which also contains a little salt)

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts recipe

9. Put it in the bun. The bun is a fried food. It is directly edible and crunchy. Putting the bun here can absorb the water from the leek and bean sprouts in addition to the rich taste;

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts recipe

10. Stir fry a few times to make the ingredients in the pan evenly distributed. You can't fry for too long after putting it in the bun, because the bun will absorb too much water after frying for a long time, and the taste will not be good. It tastes good if it absorbs the water in the pot, but it is still a bit crispy.

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts recipe

11. It's ready to be served on a plate. This dish has five ingredients and five colors, and the taste is different. The burrito is very good. Home-style side dishes, simple and quick, as long as the ingredients are available, you can quickly fry a plate and serve it at any time.

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts recipe

12. Especially the buns inside, the fried bean sprouts put it in it tastes great. When my daughter ate it for the first time, she asked me strangely, and said, Mom, why do you use the bratwurst for cooking. When she finished eating, she said: Mom, this stir-fry is delicious, and I will make it next time. My mother-in-law hadn't eaten it before, and it was strange when I ate it for the first time, but after tasting it, it tasted great. I kept boasting that I would like to have some cooking ideas, and said that I would also learn how to cook it in the future!

Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts recipe


This roll will taste better in pancakes or buns. The buns must be put in the last place, and the buns are quickly cooked out after a few stir-frying. If they are fried for too long, the buns will not taste good when they are soft.


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