Super Refreshing Potato Chips

Super Refreshing Potato Chips

by Pomegranate tree 2008

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The sweet and sour taste is naturally the taste of summer. It is also the most appetizing and not easy to get angry in this season. A cup of sweet and sour juice, a bowl of sweet and sour sugar water, or a plate of sweet and sour dishes can make us love Have dinner. Today I’m going to talk about sweet and sour dishes. The ingredients used are also the most popular potatoes. The reason why they are called the most popular is that everyone can eat it and everyone loves it.


Super Refreshing Potato Chips

1. First rinse the potatoes with clean water to clean the skin, then use a planer to peel them, and cut them into potato slices.

Super Refreshing Potato Chips recipe

2. The cut potato chips are easy to be oxidized and discolored when placed in the air, so soak them in clear water for 30 minutes. Of course, soaking in clear water has another advantage, that is, it can increase the crisp taste of potatoes. Add appropriate amount of water to the pot and cook. After opening, remove the soaked potato chips from the water and control the water slightly, and then put them in boiling water for blanching. The blanching time will not be too long. If the potato chips are too long, they will become soft and not suitable for cold dressing. not good,

Super Refreshing Potato Chips recipe

3. Cook until the potatoes change color, you can take out a slice and taste, the crunchy ones are broken.

Super Refreshing Potato Chips recipe

4. You can take it out and put it in cold water, let it cool enough, and then drain the water for later use. This is also the key to crispy potato chips.

Super Refreshing Potato Chips recipe

5. Next is to adjust the sauce. Take a clean and water-free empty bowl, put sesame seeds, chili powder, cumin powder and a little salt in it, then put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil in the pot and heat it until the oil smokes. Pour the heat quickly onto the condiments in the bowl and cook them until fragrant.

Super Refreshing Potato Chips recipe

6. Add edible vinegar, oyster sauce and sugar, stir well, serve the potato slices on a plate, pour the adjusted sauce, mix well, and sprinkle with chopped millet spicy.

Super Refreshing Potato Chips recipe

7. Just mix a plate of really cool potato chips, it's really suitable for the summer heat.

Super Refreshing Potato Chips recipe


1. For cold potato chips, make sure that the potato pieces are raw and crisp. Pay attention to the blanching time. In addition, after blanching, be sure to rinse thoroughly with cold water to make the taste crispy.
2. The hot oil should be burned until it smokes and pour it on the condiments while it is hot, so that it can cook out the flavor. If you can eat spicy food, you can put more chili powder.


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