Supor Apple Tremella Keel Soup

Supor Apple Tremella Keel Soup

by KL Le Yoyo

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The advantage of using an electric cooker to cook the soup is that the heat is evenly heated and the temperature is very well controlled; all the ingredients can be cooked at the same time, sometimes when the soup is cooked in the gas stove, the soup is concentrated in the middle and next to the low heat. The ingredients cannot be cooked at the same time. Therefore, it must be stirred so that other ingredients can be cooked thoroughly. After using this [Supor Chinese Lace Pottery Smart Electric Cooker], you will know the benefits of this electric cooker.

Today, I made a very sweet soup with apples, apricots and white fungus as the main ingredients. Different ways of cooking can achieve different effects. Although the weather has cooled slightly, the air conditioner must be turned on every day. The throat is often very dry in the middle of the night. Drinking two more bowls of this soup is enough to moisturize.

I especially like to put some ingredients into the soup, just like white fungus is often used to cook white fungus soup, it will be greasy; it is impossible to drink white fungus soup seven days a week, so adding some white fungus soup in the soup is very good for lungs. In addition to the sweet soup, the southern and northern apricots can also be used as soup ingredients. In short, using these ingredients in some cooking is another harvest.

Sometimes, if you buy too much fruit before you eat it, it will quickly lose water, just like apples; and some people like to eat crispy apples and some people like soft apples. I like crispy apples. If I buy soft apples, I will use it to make soup, which is not wasted, and it is also beneficial. My husband used to have a dry cough for a while. Later, he cooked a lot of soups like apples, white fungus, and Sydney. After a few days, he stopped coughing. Therefore, making good use of the ingredients around you to cook will bring great benefits to the various organs of the body.


Supor Apple Tremella Keel Soup

1. Wash the keel in blanching water, soak the white fungus and remove the pedicles and break into small pieces; wash the apples and rub them on the apple skin with a little salt for a while, so that the wax on the surface can be rubbed off. After washing again, cut the apples into four The block is de-nucleated, and other materials are washed and set aside

Supor Apple Tremella Keel Soup recipe

2. Put all the ingredients in the pot, pour 1.5 liters of water

Supor Apple Tremella Keel Soup recipe

3. After adding water, the apple will float, so that it will not affect the soup cooking process

Supor Apple Tremella Keel Soup recipe

4. Dry the outside of the pot and put it in the saucepan

Supor Apple Tremella Keel Soup recipe

5. Turn on the power, select the [Luxury broth] mode, the taste is [standard] and you can start boiling the soup; if you use stainless steel or a casserole to boil the soup, turn it to a low heat for 1 and a half hours.

Supor Apple Tremella Keel Soup recipe

6. Since the ingredients are all ingredients that are easy to cook and taste, the soup time does not need to be too long; after the soup is cooked, add a little salt and drink it

Supor Apple Tremella Keel Soup recipe

7. Finished product

Supor Apple Tremella Keel Soup recipe

8. Finished product

Supor Apple Tremella Keel Soup recipe


-The soup tastes stronger when the apples are cooked together with the skin.
-This soup has a sweet taste and it is recommended that you do not need to add too much salt.
-Keel can be replaced by spare ribs or lean meat.


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