Sydney Astragalus Laoya Soup

Sydney Astragalus Laoya Soup

by You Ma Food

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There is a popular slogan of "Always drink Astragalus Decoction to prevent diseases and keep healthy", which means that Astragalus soaked in water is often used as tea, which has good disease prevention and health care. Astragalus tea can nourish the middle energy and nourish qi without being greasy. It can improve qi deficiency and anemia, strengthen physical fitness, and prolong life. However, it is not suitable for people who have yin deficiency and internal heat constitutions with irritating heat and night sweats or who have actual heat and are often in love with fire constitutions. Pregnant women should not eat astragalus. Pregnant women, especially pregnant women who are going to give birth, after taking astragalus, many people cause prolonged pregnancy, and the fetus is too large and cause dystocia.


Sydney Astragalus Laoya Soup

1. Buy the old duck, chop it, wash it, and blanch it in a pot under cold water; after blanching the water, remove the cold water and rinse off the blood foam

Sydney Astragalus Laoya Soup recipe

2. Put the washed duck meat into an electric pressure cooker, add enough water, and put in the washed astragalus; wash the pear skin and remove the stalk

Sydney Astragalus Laoya Soup recipe

3. Cut the pears into large pieces with the skin; put the pears into the pot together, add rice wine and salt; put them in an electric pressure cooker, choose chicken, duck, fish meat, and cook the soup. You can eat it after cooking

Sydney Astragalus Laoya Soup recipe


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