Thin Crust Pie

Thin Crust Pie

by Junjun Food

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The pie made like this has a thin crust and a big filling, soft and delicious. Try it now


Thin Crust Pie

1. 500 grams of ordinary flour, 5 grams of salt, 150 grams of hot water, 150 grams of cold water, stir to form dough

Thin Crust Pie recipe

2. Knead the dough for 30 minutes

Thin Crust Pie recipe

3. Salt the zucchini and carrots to get the moisture and dry them. Add green onions, minced ginger, chicken essence, thirteen spices, lard, and boiled eggs, mix well

Thin Crust Pie recipe

4. Roll the dough into the dough, add the stuffing to wrap it, and roll it into a cake

Thin Crust Pie recipe

5. Brush the oil in the pan, put the biscuits into the pan, fry and set the shape, and brush the upper layer with oil. Turn over and fry until the surface of the pie is golden and ripe.

Thin Crust Pie recipe


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