Thirteen Fragrant Crayfish

Thirteen Fragrant Crayfish

by Lan Bingying

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The content of this article comes from the new book "Eating Crazy for Love" by Lan Bingying and Damin Min
He is a black man with a belly in the 70s and he is not lazy to make delicious food. She is an arrogant girl born in the 1980s, who loves to eat and love life and be a matchmaker. When the born born in the 70s hold hands with the born born in the 80s, what kind of sadness and joy will the picky tongue taste?
To love the kitchen and write love letters for food, when a straight man of food is a culinary queen, sweets, sweets, bitters, and salty are all good tastes of life. In the love story of two people, the book introduces the content of recipes, adding the melody of love to the plain recipes, making this book not only the delicious food on the table, but also the temperature that I want to share with everyone. life.

Thirteen Fragrant Crayfish

1. Clean the crayfish with a brush, remove the shrimp thread, pick the shrimp head and take the shrimp yellow, and set aside the shrimp yellow. Sprinkle the shrimp head and shrimp ball with white wine to remove the fishy

Thirteen Fragrant Crayfish recipe

2. Heat the pan with cool oil, the oil temperature reaches about 60%, put the shrimp head and shrimp ball into the pan, wait for the color to change and serve on a plate for later use

Thirteen Fragrant Crayfish recipe

3. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add green onion, ginger and garlic until fragrant, add sesame pepper, dried chili, and stir fry. After the chili changes color, add shrimp head, shrimp ball, shrimp yellow and other seasonings to continue stir-fry, and finally heat up the juice.

Thirteen Fragrant Crayfish recipe


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