Twice Cooked Pork

Twice Cooked Pork

by Leaf's Little Chef

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The twice-cooked pork is bright in color, fat but not greasy, and is a particularly famous dish in Sichuan cuisine. The so-called re-cooking is the need for a second cooking. Because of this re-cooking, the meat becomes particularly delicious and not greasy. Almost everyone’s favorite re-cooked meat is not complicated to cook, as long as you master a few essentials. First, the meat should choose the best pork belly, and the delicious raw materials are the key; second, the pork belly should be cooked first, and cook as much as possible for a while, it is best to cook until it can be directly inserted into the skin with chopsticks; third, When the pork belly is stir-fried, it should be stir-fried slowly until the oil is out. Fourth, the pork belly must be delicious, and Sichuan-flavored bean paste is indispensable. After mastering the above basic essentials, everyone can make good twice-cooked pork.


Twice Cooked Pork

1. Prepare the raw materials

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

2. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, pour a little cooking wine, add the pork belly and cook

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

3. Cut the green garlic into small pieces, smash the garlic part

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

4. Cut ginger into slices, and slice pickled peppers into shreds (use pickled peppers to increase the taste, and to add color and beauty. If you don’t have one, you can also use red bell peppers)

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

5. Cut peppers into small pieces

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

6. Finely chop bean paste

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

7. Cut the cooked pork belly into slices

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

8. Put a little oil in the pan, heat it to 50% heat, add the pork belly and stir fry until the oil in the pork belly comes out

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

9. Add bean paste, sweet noodle sauce, light soy sauce, and continue to stir fry

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

10. Add ginger and pickled peppers and continue to stir fry

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

11. Add the chili and stir fry until the chili is fragrant

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

12. Add green garlic sprouts and stir fry until cooked

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

13. Out of the pot

Twice Cooked Pork recipe


1. Stir-fry pork belly slowly over medium and small heat to get the oil;

2. The bean paste is better after being chopped and fried;

3. Soybean paste and light soy sauce already contain salt, so no more salt.


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