Vegan Sesame Carrots

Vegan Sesame Carrots

by Akai╮(╯▽╰)╭ing (from WeChat.)

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Carrots and sesame seeds are paired and roasted together, it tastes very good. When breakfast is healthy and nutritious, children who don’t like radishes also eat it very fragrantly.


Vegan Sesame Carrots

1. Prepare the ingredients, wash and peel the radish.

Vegan Sesame Carrots recipe

2. Cut into large slices with an oblique knife. (Thin and thick)

Vegan Sesame Carrots recipe

3. Beat egg whites in a bowl, add flour, cornstarch and all seasonings, and beat well. (Add a little cold water while beating)

Vegan Sesame Carrots recipe

4. Make a good paste.

Vegan Sesame Carrots recipe

5. Put the cut radishes into a bowl and spread a layer of batter evenly.

Vegan Sesame Carrots recipe

6. Dip the radish in the batter into the sesame seeds. Put it in a baking tray and bake for 18 minutes.

Vegan Sesame Carrots recipe

7. Roasted radish slices.

Vegan Sesame Carrots recipe

8. Carrot slices for serving.

Vegan Sesame Carrots recipe


If the radish slices are thick, the roasting time will be longer.


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