Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot

Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot

by He Xiaohe

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My family likes spicy hot pot, it is really a killer of rice. The weather is getting colder in autumn, and the appetite is getting better day by day. On weekends, the father of the child said that he hadn't eaten the spicy pot for a long time, so let's make it at noon. Parents have to meet their needs, but they don’t bother to buy food anymore, so they flipped through the refrigerator and made a plain spicy pot with less seasonings, and the taste is not so spicy. Even children can eat some. . I made it at home, and I put some meatballs, vegetables, and vermicelli. Although it didn’t look very good, the taste was still good. I simmered a little more rice, and even ate it all. It really has unlimited potential. what.


Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot

1. Prepare the ingredients and spin whatever is available in the refrigerator. Don't put those that will become soft when you fry them. For example, pumpkins and tomatoes are not suitable. I prepared cucumber, pleurotus eryngii, vermicelli, lotus root, corn, bean sprouts, beef balls, amaranth and so on. Tender ginger is not spicy, so put some more. Eating more ginger in summer is good for your health.

Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot recipe

2. Slice the pleurotus eryngii, wash the lotus root, peel and slice, and cut the corn into thin slices. These are the ingredients that need to be blanched in advance.

Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot recipe

3. Cut the beef balls in half, slice the cucumber into thin slices, soak the noodles in advance and tear them into small pieces, slice the young ginger into thin slices, and cut the green onion into sections. Cucumber is delicious in spicy and spicy pot, I suggest you try it, and it has vermicelli, which is standard in my home.

Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot recipe

4. Add water to the soup pot, add the ingredients that need to be blanched, lotus root slices, pleurotus eryngii, bean sprouts, and corn. Put the bean sprouts first. When it is almost cooked, add the other kinds and cook for half a minute. Take out and drain the water for later use.

Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot recipe

5. Put the oil in the wok. The oil should be slightly more than usual when cooking. First, add the ginger and green onion to fry the aroma.

Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot recipe

6. Then add the spicy fragrant pot seasoning, fry out the red oil, and then you will smell a strong fragrance.

Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot recipe

7. Add beef balls, day lily and noodles and stir-fry. These are all easy to cook. Stir-fry for about half a minute.

Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot recipe

8. The day lily becomes soft, the noodles are easily cooked after soaking, and the beef balls are also cooked.

Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot recipe

9. Add the lotus root, corn, eryngii mushrooms and bean sprouts that have just been fried, and continue to stir fry.

Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot recipe

10. Finally, add cucumber slices and amaranth. This amaranth is grown by myself on the balcony. It is very fresh. The cucumber slices are cooked with heat. It tastes great when served with spicy hot pot. The delicious spicy hot pot is ready, and the rice is very delicious.

Vegetarian Spicy Hot Pot recipe


1. Vegetables can be chosen at will, just what you like.
2. The spicy hot pot is a compound seasoning, no need to add other seasonings, if you put less, add some salt.


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