Western-style Walnut Soup

Western-style Walnut Soup

by Aunt Xizhen

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Ever since I tasted a potato soup in a coffee shop, I have been obsessed with this dish.
Although the cooking is simple, the flavor is very unique.
Now, the aroma of California walnut kernels is also added, and it becomes this delicious and healthy Western-style walnut soup.
The meticulously boiled soup has a mild luster, and the smooth texture is gently spooned.
Sip and taste slowly, mellow and deep flavor, in this cold season, let the warm fragrance of the thick soup soothe our body and mind.


Western-style Walnut Soup

1. First cut the potatoes into chunks, then boil the water to cook, and cut the onions into pieces

Western-style Walnut Soup recipe

2. Grind the walnuts with the dry grinding function of the food processor

Western-style Walnut Soup recipe

3. Put the boiled potatoes and the ground walnut powder into the food processor together, add an appropriate amount of water, and stir the potatoes and walnuts together into a puree

Western-style Walnut Soup recipe

4. Heat a pot on low heat and pour butter

Western-style Walnut Soup recipe

5. Pour in chopped onion and fry until transparent

Western-style Walnut Soup recipe

6. Pour the walnuts and mashed potatoes that have just been ground, and then add a bag of milk

Western-style Walnut Soup recipe

7. Then pour the whipped cream and mix well

Western-style Walnut Soup recipe

8. After boiling, add salt and black pepper to taste.

Western-style Walnut Soup recipe


1. If the soup is still thick after adding milk, add some hot water appropriately;
2. This soup will taste better if you add some mushrooms to it.


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