Wuji Yam and Red Date Soup

Wuji Yam and Red Date Soup

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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"Women are weak, mothers are strong", the saying is always in place. No matter how weak a woman is, as long as she becomes a mother, one by one becomes superman, omnipotent. Women can give up anything for the sake of their children and their families, but smart women must also love themselves. Only when they are healthy can they have more energy to take care of their families.

Women are generally weak, and many people are afraid of winter. When winter comes, they will have cold hands and feet and just want to shrink in a barrel of fire. If this is the case, then you must pay attention to proper tonic in winter. Lay the foundation for the peaceful winter.

Tonic in winter, it is not suitable for large fish and meat, the choice of ingredients is particularly important.

It is very good to eat some black-bone chickens to nourish the body in winter. Autumn is the most suitable for warming and nourishing. Because the climate is dry in winter, you need to eat more foods that nourish yin. The black-boiled chickens are calm in nature and sweet in taste. Kidney, spleen and antidiarrheal effects, so it is suitable to eat black-bone chicken frequently in winter, which can not only resist dryness. It can also improve physiological functions, delay aging, strengthen muscles and bones, and have obvious effects on preventing and treating osteoporosis, rickets, and iron deficiency anemia in women. When blood is abundant, hands and feet are naturally warm.
Tonic in winter, the nutrition of black-bone chicken is better than any other meat. If you can pay attention to the ingredients, you can get more results with half the effort. Today I brought you this black chicken yam and red date soup, which is a friend of Chinese medicine. Recommended to me, yam invigorates the spleen and nourishes qi, can improve the body's resistance, adults and children insist on eating, improve resistance, and no longer catch colds in winter. The addition of red dates can enhance the effect of black-bone chickens to nourish yin. In autumn, the skin is particularly prone to dryness. Red dates and black-bone chickens can nourish qi and nourish yin. It is especially suitable for women and people with dry skin in autumn and winter. Friends who have more dander in winter, Drinking this soup is particularly effective for relieving the symptoms of dry body.

It's not difficult, let's take a look!


Wuji Yam and Red Date Soup

1. Wash the black-bone chicken and chop it into small pieces. Wash the red dates and set aside. When chopping the black-bone chicken, use the back of a knife to slightly break the bones. The black-bone chicken with the bone (smashed) soup is the best nourishing effect.

Wuji Yam and Red Date Soup recipe

2. Pour the black-bone chicken nuggets into the pot, add the water that has not had the chicken nuggets, and bring to a boil. After the water is boiled, a lot of scum will appear on the surface. Use a spatula to remove these scum, so that the stewed chicken broth is very clear and not fishy. Taste, especially delicious.

Wuji Yam and Red Date Soup recipe

3. Remove the processed chicken nuggets, pour them into a casserole, and pour some water.

Wuji Yam and Red Date Soup recipe

4. Cover the lid and set the soup button. The whole soup will take about an hour. If there is no casserole with automatic soup-making function, turn the heat to a boil first, then turn to medium and low heat and boil it for an hour.

Wuji Yam and Red Date Soup recipe

5. When making the soup, we will prepare the side dishes. After the yam is peeled, it is rinsed under the tap, cut into thick slices, and the red dates are washed and pitted for later use. Many people are afraid of handling yam, saying that it is itchy and uncomfortable. Tell everyone a tip for yam handling. Do not wash the yam first, just peel it and rinse it under the faucet. This tip is incredible, but it is very simple. It is effective. Before handling the yam, as long as you keep the yam dry, it won't be itchy.

Wuji Yam and Red Date Soup recipe

6. When only about half an hour is left, you can pour in the yam and red dates and stew together.

Wuji Yam and Red Date Soup recipe

7. At the end of the procedure, the yam is soft and cooked, and the red dates are soft and waxy. Season with salt and it is ready to be served.

Wuji Yam and Red Date Soup recipe


Black-bone chicken with bones (smashed) has the best nourishing effect in soup. You can smash its bones and simmer it with meat and offal. It is best not to use a pressure cooker, but use a casserole to simmer.

The rich protein in black-bone chickens will increase the burden on the kidneys, so people with kidney disease should eat as little as possible, especially those with uremia, should fast.
Adding yam when stewing black-bone chicken will not only make the soup refreshing and not greasy, but also invigorate the spleen and stomach. You can make more for children in autumn and less colds in winter, so stick to it.


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