Yellow Braised Chicken

Yellow Braised Chicken

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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I used chicken thighs for the yellow braised chicken I made today. The taste and color of the final product are better. I feel that the soup is a little bit less. If you eat it with rice, it will be perfect with a little more soup.

It's always like this in cooking. I slowly explore and learn from each other's strengths, and I will do better.


Yellow Braised Chicken

1. Wash the chicken legs and chop them into pieces

Yellow Braised Chicken recipe

2. Heat the pan, put the oil, put the rock sugar in the cold oil, and fry the sugar.

Yellow Braised Chicken recipe

3. Pour in the diced chicken drumsticks and stir fry, and the chicken will be fried for color

Yellow Braised Chicken recipe

4. Add water to the sliced shiitake mushrooms, and then add all the prepared seasonings. Cover and simmer for about 20 minutes

Yellow Braised Chicken recipe

5. There is a little chicken broth left. Add green and red pepper pieces and chopped green onion. It can be out of the pot when it is cut off.

Yellow Braised Chicken recipe


Wash the chicken nuggets several times and remove the blood water to prevent the chicken from smelling or peculiar, and to prevent the chicken from rancidity.
\nBest braised in a casserole, can retain the original flavor of the yellow chicken for a long time.


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