Yuxiang Pork

Yuxiang Pork

by Cai Cai Food Diary

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Yuxiang Pork

Yuxiang Pork

1. Put the salt, cooking wine, cornstarch and egg white in the shredded pork and stir well

Yuxiang Pork recipe

2. Pour vinegar, sugar, light soy sauce, cooking wine, cornstarch into the bowl and stir evenly

Yuxiang Pork recipe

3. Pour the oil into the bottom of the pot and fry the shredded pork until the color changes.

Yuxiang Pork recipe

4. Burn the oil in the pot, pour the green onion, ginger and garlic until fragrant, pour in the carrot shreds, bean paste, fungus shreds, green pepper shreds, and stir fry evenly

Yuxiang Pork recipe

5. Put in shredded pork

Yuxiang Pork recipe

6. Pour in the prepared sauce and stir evenly to finish

Yuxiang Pork recipe


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