Clean Water recipes

Leek Pie

Cornmeal, Wheat Flour, Chives

Coke Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings, Chives, Ginger

Boiled Fish

Haddock, Sea Bass, Pig Blood

Kung Pao Chicken

Chicken Breast, Green Onions, Cucumber

Black Sesame Paste

Black Sesame, Glutinous Rice, Crystal Sugar

Scallop Pumpkin Soup

Scallop, Pumpkin, Pine Nuts

Supor Really Grinding Alcohol Milk Almond Milk

Almond, Clean Water, Crystal Sugar

Asparagus, Fungus and Shrimp Dumplings (full Version)

Organic Flour, Refined Salt, Clean Water

Multigrain Sugar Triangle

Organic Flour, Broad Bean Flour, Sugar

Brown Sugar Blooming Buns

Organic Flour, Brown Sugar, Yeast

Spaghetti with Tomatoes

Tomato, Egg, Onion

Chicken and Asparagus Dumplings

Wheat Flour, Clean Water, Asparagus

Lily Bag

Organic Flour, Barley Grass Powder, Sugar

Black Rice Buns

Organic Flour, Black Rice Noodles, Clean Water