Guangdong Rice Wine recipes

Ginger Duck

Duck, Ginger, Soy Sauce

Honey Sauce Barbecued Pork Bun

All-purpose Flour, Dry Yeast, Aluminum-free Baking Powder

Special Fragrant Chicken Pot

Chickens, Shallot, Ginger

Special Fragrant Chicken Pot

Chickens, Ginger, Shallot

Stir-fried Red Cabbage Moss

Red Cabbage Moss, Sausage, Bacon

Steamed Sea Bass

Sea Bass, Green Onions, Shallots

Cantonese Chicken Pot

Qingyuan Chicken, Parsley, Red Chili

Three Cups of Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings, Garlic, Sliced Ginger

Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken

Big Drumstick, Sesame Oil, Olive Oil

Baked Frog with Ginger and Green Onion

Frog, Green Pepper, Shallots

Baiyun Pig Hand

Pig Hand, Glutinous Rice, Guangdong Rice Wine

Braised Lamb's Hoof

Shallots, Parsley, Rice Wine

Pan-fried Mullet Roe

Taiwan Mullet Roe, White Radish, Scallion

Five Flavor Duck

Duck Leg, Green Onion Ginger Garlic, Crystal Sugar