Pigskin Jelly recipes


Pigskin Jelly, Salt, Garlic

Colorful Mixed Vegetables

Cucumber, Liangpi, Pigskin Jelly

Bawang Supermarket丨eat Two Elbows

Pork Hock, Pigskin Jelly, Ginger

Meat Buns

Flour, Yeast, Water

Soup Bag

Flour, Pork, Pigskin Jelly

Tang Bao

High-gluten Flour, Hot Water, Pork Filling

Small Meat Buns

Flour, Yeast, White Sugar

Home Version Soup Dumpling

Minced Meat, Pigskin Jelly, Dumpling Skin

Pouring Soup and Pan-fried Buns

Flour, Minced Meat, Pigskin Jelly

Leek and Egg Dumplings

Flour, Salt, Warm Water

Big Soup Dumpling

Make Dough, Pigskin Jelly, Minced Meat

Steamed Bun

Meat, Kohlrabi, Pigskin Jelly

Tang Bao

High-gluten Flour, Pork, Shallots

Creamy Mushroom Fried Bun

Flour, Yeast, Dry Milk Syrup

Shiitake and Fungus Pork Bun

Flour, Yeast, Minced Meat

Fried Dumplings

Dumpling Skin, Pork, Pigskin Jelly