Wild Sansho recipes

Pickled Pepper Vermicelli Soup

Bacon, Pickled Peppers, Rice Noodles

Sichuan and Hunan Famous Dish Chopped Pepper Fish Head

Chub Head, Red Chopped Pepper, Wild Sansho

Pickled Fish

Grass Carp, Sauerkraut, Wild Sansho

Beef Slices in Golden Soup

Beef Slices, Enoki Mushroom, Pumpkin

Beef Beef with Sour Soup Mushroom

Fat Cow, Enoki Mushroom, Ginger

Pickled Fish

Fathead Fish, Sauerkraut, Shallot

Pickled Fish

About 3 Catties Grass Carp, Sauerkraut, Shallots

Sour Soup with Beef

Green Bamboo Shoots, Celery, Fat Cow

Sauerkraut Fish Pansa Version

Pangasius, Sauerkraut, Wild Sansho

Sour Soup with Beef

Fat Cow, Enoki Mushroom, Green Bean Sprouts

Fatty Sheep in Sour Soup

Fat Sheep, Enoki Mushroom, Sauerkraut

Hot and Sour Potato Shreds

Potato, Wild Sansho, Cooking Oil

Duck Feet with Pickled Peppers

Duck Feet, Wild Sansho, Salt

Fish Roe Hot Pot

Perilla, Celery, Fish Bubble

Hot and Sour Tendons

Tendons, Magnolia Shoots, Pickled Peppers