Ants on The Tree

Ants on The Tree

by Pomegranate tree 2008

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How to deal with the vermicelli in the dish of ants going up the tree so that it won’t be sticky? What kind of condiments will the ants use when they go up the tree? Does pork use cooking wine to get rid of it? A series of questions, you will find the answers in the following articles, let's look for them together.


Ants on The Tree

1. The pork is ground into minced pork, of course, it can also be chopped into minced meat. Don’t be lean. It will be more fragrant if you fry it with a little fat.

Ants on The Tree recipe

2. Wash the vermicelli, then cook it in the pot, remove the cold water, drain the water when it is cool, and then cut into the vermicelli.

Ants on The Tree recipe

3. Put an appropriate amount of cooking oil in the wok. After the oil is hot, use scallion and ginger to sauté.

Ants on The Tree recipe

4. Then add the minced pork and stir fry, try to fry the minced meat, heat it evenly, so that the color change time is the same.

Ants on The Tree recipe

5. The next step is to stir-fry with soy sauce. On the one hand, adding soy sauce can remove the fishy smell of pork, so there is no need to add cooking wine. On the other hand, it can enhance the freshness and color. Soy sauce is also the soul of this dish. Up

Ants on The Tree recipe

6. After the minced meat is colored and fried evenly, pour the chopped vermicelli into the pot and stir fry. The vermicelli has been cooked before, so it is equivalent to sucking enough water, and then frying it will not absorb too much water, so When frying this dish, you don’t need to pour water into the pot, just stir it directly.

Ants on The Tree recipe

7. After the final frying is even, you can add a little salt according to personal taste and serve it out.

Ants on The Tree recipe


1. After the vermicelli is cooked, let it pass in cold water. The purpose is to remove the sticky substance on the surface of the vermicelli, so that the vermicelli remains transparent, and the vermicelli is not sticky and sticks together, forming a lump.
2. The order of frying cannot be reversed. The minced meat must be fried first, so that the minced meat will not have a fishy smell, and the noodles will not become lumpy, but spread out, more delicious, better-looking, and more vivid.


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