Baicai Jade Dumplings

Baicai Jade Dumplings

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Dumplings have special feelings for northerners. Many traditional festivals have dumplings. It is a happy thing for a family to gather together to make dumplings. Smell the aroma of fillings. Listening to the children’s laughter and gossiping at home, this warm feeling is regarded as "reunion." Add color to the holiday season.


Baicai Jade Dumplings

1. Wash spinach, squeeze and filter. Knead half of the flour into a dough with cold water, and half with spinach juice to make a dough. Cover with plastic wrap and let it stand for half an hour, and knead the dough once.

Baicai Jade Dumplings recipe

2. Prepare the filling: Wash and chop the leeks. Add the fresh pork oil, salt, light soy sauce, oil consumption, five-spice powder, and ginger in one direction. Stir in warm water while stirring; after the meat filling is mixed, add the leeks and continue to mix evenly. .

Baicai Jade Dumplings recipe

3. Take a ball of green dough and a ball of white dough. The green is rolled into a long strip, and the white is rolled into a long strip and then flattened. Then use green bread to fill the white dough

Baicai Jade Dumplings recipe

4. Cut into small doses and roll into dumpling wrappers.

Baicai Jade Dumplings recipe

5. Take 1 scoop of stuffing

Baicai Jade Dumplings recipe

6. Squeeze both hands in the middle to wrap it up!

Baicai Jade Dumplings recipe

7. Big belly dumplings with thin skin and plenty of meat.

Baicai Jade Dumplings recipe

8. Let's eat~

Baicai Jade Dumplings recipe


Reminder: Try to make the noodles softer, so that the white dough and green dough will stick together easily. The amount of ingredients in the recipe can be increased or decreased according to personal tastes. If you have any questions, you can add me to WeChat 29146681314 to exchange and learn.


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