Beef Enoki Mushroom

Beef Enoki Mushroom

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Beef Enoki Mushroom

1. Put water in the pot, pour a small amount of oil, turn in the enoki mushrooms, cook for 1 minute on high heat and remove for use

Beef Enoki Mushroom recipe

2. Put oil in the pot, add sliced ginger and minced garlic, sauté on high heat until fragrant

Beef Enoki Mushroom recipe

3. Pour in the yellow lantern chili sauce and stir-fry for 2 minutes

Beef Enoki Mushroom recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water, pour in fat beef, cook on high heat for 2 minutes

Beef Enoki Mushroom recipe

5. Put salt, cook on high heat until the color changes, pour in enoki mushrooms and cooking wine

Beef Enoki Mushroom recipe

6. Collect the juice over the fire and make it out of the pot

Beef Enoki Mushroom recipe


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