【boiled Pork Buns】

【boiled Pork Buns】

by salila

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As a half northerner, I deal with buns and steamed buns almost every day. Many friends like to eat steamed buns, but they always find it more troublesome to make them. In fact, steamed buns can also be operated step by step. Make the dough before going to bed at night, and it will be fermented the next morning and can be used directly. The second proofing takes only 15 minutes to complete in the Midea steaming oven, and another 15 minutes of steaming, you can also eat steaming steamed buns in the morning.


【boiled Pork Buns】

1. Make up the dough before going to bed the night before. About 2 grams of yeast is put in 300 grams of flour.

【boiled Pork Buns】 recipe

2. After one night, the yeast dough has just turned out just right.

【boiled Pork Buns】 recipe

3. Put the pork into a food processor and mash it, add an appropriate amount of pepper, a spoonful of light soy sauce, and an appropriate amount of minced ginger. Stir in one direction evenly. Pour some broth into the pork filling to make it more moisturized.

【boiled Pork Buns】 recipe

4. Add chopped green onion to the pork filling, add an appropriate amount of salt, a teaspoon of oyster sauce, and two spoons of peanut oil, and stir again in one direction.

【boiled Pork Buns】 recipe

5. If the filling is of the right salty and light tone, you can smell the fragrance when you get close.

【boiled Pork Buns】 recipe

6. Take out the dough and knead it evenly and vent it out, roll it into a long strip, and then divide it into pieces of uniform size.

【boiled Pork Buns】 recipe

7. Flatten the dough, and use a rolling pin to roll it into a round dough sheet with a thickness in the middle and a thin circle around it.

【boiled Pork Buns】 recipe

8. Take a piece of dough and put an appropriate amount of stuffing in the middle.

【boiled Pork Buns】 recipe

9. Pinch out the wrinkles and close the bun.

【boiled Pork Buns】 recipe

10. Put the steamed buns in the baking tray of the Midea steamer for the second proofing. The Midea steam oven has its own fermentation function. Put the ingredients that need to be fermented into the oven, and you can do other things after you set a good time. No longer have to worry about the embarrassing situation that the dough won't rise when the temperature is low in winter, and don't worry about the dough overrun. It's really worry-free.

【boiled Pork Buns】 recipe

11. Proof for 15 minutes, then add enough pure water to the water purification box, start the pure steaming mode of the Midea steamer, set the temperature to 105 degrees, set the time to 15 minutes, and simmer for 5 minutes after the end of the program. Up.

【boiled Pork Buns】 recipe


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