Braised Beef Fried Rice

Braised Beef Fried Rice

by Sister Li

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Husband is a big touch. He often doesn't order or say hello. He suddenly went home and starved to death. He wanted to serve him delicious food as quickly as possible.


Braised Beef Fried Rice

1. You can buy braised beef from outside or braise yourself. I will post a post about braised meat in the future. I guess everyone will do it.

Braised Beef Fried Rice recipe

2. Dice marinated beef, cut Chinese cabbage into small strips, and dice red sweet pepper

Braised Beef Fried Rice recipe

3. Put an appropriate amount of vegetable oil in a non-stick pan, heat up the pan and add 10-20g of bean curd dipped in water (decide how much to add according to your own spicy or not), then add the rice one by one after fragrant.

Braised Beef Fried Rice recipe

4. Use a little oil in the pan, or add some new oil in an appropriate amount, put it in a heart-shaped omelet, beat in the eggs, turn to a low fire and fry slowly, wait for the egg whites to solidify, and then according to personal taste, you like to fully fry or sugar Heart Fried Egg

Braised Beef Fried Rice recipe


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