Braised Yellow Croaker

Braised Yellow Croaker

by meggy dancing apple

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My family likes to eat fish, especially yellow croaker, which has less thorns and tender meat, and its fat content is low. It is especially suitable for the elderly and mental workers.

I used to eat yellow croaker steamed, but if I get tired of one way of eating, I want to change it. As a result, roasted yellow croaker often appears on my table. Over time, the method for the yellow croaker not to break its skin was also summed up.

First of all, the pot should be good. Non-stick pans or oily iron pans can be used. Stainless steel pans are not recommended because they tend to stick to the skin. The second is that the oil should not be too little, so that the oil can pass the fish body. The oil can not only stimulate the fragrance of the fish skin and fish meat, but also form a very small space between the fish body and the pot wall to evaporate the water in the fish skin as soon as possible. Third, do not turn over when frying the fish. Turn over after the fish skin is zoomed and shaped. The skin and the meat will become one body, and the appearance will be good.

As for the taste, it is completely according to personal preference, five-scented, spicy, and sauce-scented, you can also taste one at a time, so that it is not greasy to eat when you are old, and even the small ingredients for stewed fish such as garlic and chili are more delicious.


Braised Yellow Croaker

1. Scrape the scales, remove the gills, the internal organs and the black membrane of the abdomen of yellow croaker. After cleaning it, use kitchen paper to absorb the water inside and outside;

Braised Yellow Croaker recipe

2. Prepare the seasoning: remove the seeds and dice the red pepper, cut the garlic cloves into two, and cut the ginger into thick slices; it is not limited to these materials;

Braised Yellow Croaker recipe

3. Pour an appropriate amount of vegetable oil into the non-stick wok, the amount of oil can be more, when the oil temperature is 5 to 60% hot, slide the yellow croaker into the pan, do not shake the pan or move the fish body, heat it over medium heat for 3-5 When the bottom of the fish is scorched to slightly yellow, turn over and fry on the other side; fry the fish as much as possible, so that it will taste more soup later;

Braised Yellow Croaker recipe

4. Pour out the excess oil, pour a circle of cooking wine along the fish body, then put garlic cloves, ginger slices, star anise, pepper and other seasonings into the pot, pour appropriate amount of soy sauce, hot water, and a little salt;

Braised Yellow Croaker recipe

5. Bring the soup to a boil over medium heat, cover, turn to low heat and simmer for 15 minutes;

Braised Yellow Croaker recipe

6. Use a shovel to lift the soup to the surface of the fish body to add more flavor to the surface of the fish with little soup; when the soup is almost consumed, add the diced red pepper to the soup to change the color, and the fish can be taken out of the pot.

Braised Yellow Croaker recipe


1. Yellow croaker meat is tender and fragile, so be sure to fry the skin and fry the skin and then turn it over after setting the shape. Simmer it over low heat to keep the fish intact
2. The seasoning and ingredients are not limited to this, you can make sour, sweet, salty and spicy according to the taste.


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