Cabbage Fungus Dumplings

Cabbage Fungus Dumplings

by Looking for Peach Blossom Island

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This is the new year, and some dumplings, cabbage and leeks are added for freshness, pork and fungus are more nutritious.


Cabbage Fungus Dumplings

1. Add the flour to the cold water one by one, after forming the dough, let the noodles stand still

Cabbage Fungus Dumplings recipe

2. While making the noodles, chop the pork, add various seasonings, mix well and set aside

Cabbage Fungus Dumplings recipe

3. Add the chopped leeks and cabbage

Cabbage Fungus Dumplings recipe

4. Knead the dough into long strips, cut into dough, and squash

Cabbage Fungus Dumplings recipe

5. Roll out into a round pancake, place the meat filling in the middle, knead the tops of the two sides, and knead the pleats from the lower right corner. To wrap the dumplings into an arc shape, the length of the top sheet is longer than the bottom sheet, continue to pinch the top sheet and knead the bottom sheet

Cabbage Fungus Dumplings recipe

6. Pinch it all the way to the middle. Do the same on the left side until you make a dumpling

Cabbage Fungus Dumplings recipe

7. Wrap all the dumplings and put them on the curtain for use

Cabbage Fungus Dumplings recipe

8. Boil the water while making the dumplings, and add the dumplings after the water is boiled. After the dumplings float, change to medium heat. You can order cold water along the side of the pot several times, and the dumplings can be fished out after they rise again. You can also keep on medium and low heat until the dumplings are fully ripe

Cabbage Fungus Dumplings recipe


1. When mixing dumpling stuffing, mix oil first and salt last to prevent the cabbage from losing the soup. When stirring the meat at the same time, maybe add an appropriate amount of water, or the meat will be too dry and too dry.
2. There is also a way to knead dumplings with both hands. This kind of wrapping is a more traditional way.
3. There are two ways to cook dumplings, wide water, put a little salt in the water, or leave it alone. After the water boils, point cold water along the side of the pot, usually two or three times, until the water boils again. You can also turn on a medium-to-small fire without adding cold water. It depends on personal habits.


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