Celery Dumplings

Celery Dumplings

by Minger Kitchen

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In fact, the ingredients I want to share with you today are a bit different from normal celery. Water celery, the whole plant is smaller than usual, the taste is crisper, the celery flavor is more fragrant, and of course the price is slightly more expensive. But grandpa loves to eat, these are nothing. The edible effect of water celery is still very high. People who usually have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat, and poor appetite should eat it regularly, and the therapeutic effect is good!


Celery Dumplings

1. First, add the flour and warm water to form a suitable soft and hard dough, and seal it for proofing.

Celery Dumplings recipe

2. Pork is best to use half fat and eight thin, the most fragrant. If you don't like fat meat, you can add an egg white to the meat to taste better. Chop the pork into meat filling and put it in a basin, add oil, salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, and chicken essence, mix thoroughly and marinate for a while.

Celery Dumplings recipe

3. Remove the old leaves of the water celery, keep the tender leaves, chop them and add them to the meat filling. Mix thoroughly to make a delicious dumpling filling.

Celery Dumplings recipe

4. Roll out the dumpling wrappers and put the stuffing in the middle.

Celery Dumplings recipe

5. Knead dumplings with both hands and repeat the operation until all the dumplings are wrapped.

Celery Dumplings recipe

6. Finally, put it in a pot of boiling water and cook it for consumption. When cooking the dumplings, you can add cold water several times in the middle until the dumplings are cooked through.

Celery Dumplings recipe


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