Celery Leaves Mixed with Fungus

Celery Leaves Mixed with Fungus

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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For women to replenish blood, don’t miss this vegetable. The iron content is 70 times that of spinach. It’s a pity not to eat it.

Although Hunan is still rainy during this period, the temperature has risen significantly, and breathing the slightly fragrant air makes the whole person feel very comfortable.

As the saying goes: Spring is the plan for a year, and the same is true for health. Spring is the season of growth of all things. After a winter's rest, the human body should also be properly adjusted.

Healthy in spring, it is suitable for eating more vegetarian food. This recipe is simple, fragrant and appetizing, it is good for weight loss while replenishing blood and iron. People with higher body requirements must eat more.
Celery has the reputation of medicinal celery. In spring, there is a lot of rain and humidity, so eating some celery is good for removing dampness. The nutrient content of celery leaf is higher than that of celery. Per 100 g of celery contains 2.5 grams of protein, 160 mg of calcium, 61 mg of iron, and 26 mg of vitamin C, which are higher than ordinary fruits. Because of the high calcium content, it can be listed as a calcium supplement. Because it is rich in cellulose, it is more suitable for the elderly with constipation. Also, because of its high iron and vitamin C content, celery is often eaten and iron deficiency anemia is less likely to occur. .

Celery is rich in vitamins. It is "constituted" of water and cellulose. It is low in fat and high in calcium, which can help lower blood pressure, clear the intestines and detoxify. Don't discard celery leaves. Black fungus is an indispensable ingredient for home cooking. It tastes crispy and has the effects of nourishing yin and stomach, moisturizing lungs and producing body fluid. Black fungus is rich in calcium and iron. Its peculiar plant gum can effectively absorb and eliminate the residual toxic substances in the digestive system. The phospholipids contained in it can consume body fat and achieve slimming effect.

These two iron supplements and slimming ingredients work together, stick to eating, and give you unexpected benefits!


Celery Leaves Mixed with Fungus

1. The ingredients are ready.

Celery Leaves Mixed with Fungus recipe

2. Soak the black fungus with water and wash it.

Celery Leaves Mixed with Fungus recipe

3. Put the soaked black fungus in a pot of boiling water, blanch it, remove the water and set aside.

Celery Leaves Mixed with Fungus recipe

4. Pick the celery leaves, clean them, and blanch them in a pot of boiling water for one minute, remove them, and dry the water.

Celery Leaves Mixed with Fungus recipe

5. Cool the celery leaves and the fungus with cold boiling water, squeeze the celery leaves with the water, drain the fungus, put it in a plate, add the chopped red pepper and minced garlic.

Celery Leaves Mixed with Fungus recipe

6. Add salt, balsamic vinegar and light soy sauce.

Celery Leaves Mixed with Fungus recipe

7. Pour in sesame oil, mix well and serve.

Celery Leaves Mixed with Fungus recipe


If you like to eat hot, you can mix it directly after blanching. If it's summer, refrigerate the mixed dishes a bit, the taste will be better. This dish is very delicious when eaten cold or hot.


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