Celery Pork Dumplings

Celery Pork Dumplings

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Celery dumplings and pork are a good match, but when making dumplings stuffed with celery, many people say that the stuffing is dry and not tasty. In fact, there is a misunderstanding when making dumplings with celery. The step will be delicious, otherwise the stuffing will be dry, or the water will be unpalatable.
Today I will share with you some tips for making celery dumplings, which makes dumplings more delicious.


Celery Pork Dumplings

1. First make the dough and make the stuffing. Remove the old leaves of celery, and the small young leaves of celery stalks can be kept and cleaned without removing them. Boil the water, put a little salt and a few drops of oil in the water, first throw the celery roots into boiling water and blanch them, then add the tender celery stalks and blanch them for 1 minute, remove them and immediately put them in a basin of cold water It’s too cold inside so that it won’t affect the taste of celery and will be crispy

Celery Pork Dumplings recipe

2. Wash the pork with clean water and put it on a cutting board. Use a kitchen knife to chop the pork into minced meat. In order to save trouble, many people choose to use meat grinders to process the mince. Of course, it saves time and effort to mince meat with a machine. When the population is large, it is reluctant to do it. If the population is small, you must use a knife to chop the minced meat. It's really not the same as the machine wringing. Only with more knives can it taste better. Put the soy sauce, light soy sauce, thirteen incense, cooking oil, chopped green onion in the chopped meat, and stir well in one direction

Celery Pork Dumplings recipe

3. Chill the cold celery first, and then chop it. The chopped celery is gently grabbing. At this time, don’t grab it too hard. Gently, leave a portion.

Celery Pork Dumplings recipe

4. Put the celery in the meat filling and stir evenly to form a filling. Isn’t the stirred meat filling very viscous at this time? It makes a noise when stirred, so the filling is adjusted.

Celery Pork Dumplings recipe

5. After the filling is mixed, the noodles will be ready. Remember to knead the dough after the meat is chopped, and then process the celery, so that the dough will be better. The ratio of flour to water for dumpling noodles is generally 2:1. If the flour is too dry, add 10 to 20 grams of water. Add a little salt when mixing the noodles, so that the good dough makes dumplings with special chewy texture. Won't boil, good taste

Celery Pork Dumplings recipe

6. The last is to cook the dumplings. As the saying goes, "three points of dumplings, two points of noodles", to cook dumplings, you need to order three times of water, boil it, pour into a half small bowl of cold water, boil it again, and cycle three times. Just cook for 2 more minutes

Celery Pork Dumplings recipe


When we make dumpling stuffing, we have to buy fresh meat, chop it by ourselves, clean it, and add flavor. Even if you are lazy and buy ready-made meat, the machine-stirred meat can be used to make meatballs and stir-fry. It can be said that making dumplings is not right. Therefore, delicious dumpling meat is also the key!
Don't add soy sauce when mixing with meat, and don't add oyster sauce when you add soy sauce. Adding more seasoning will not taste good.
If the meat is dry, we need to make water. We make celery dumplings. Don't use water in the meat, but don't hold the celery hard after chopped. Keeping some moisture will make the filling more tender.
If you are afraid that the dumpling skin will be boiled, you can put an egg when making the noodles, so that the skin will not be broken but also chewy.


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