Chinese Savior Crepe

Chinese Savior Crepe

by Hanjiang Snow 1820977

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I have always liked to eat pancakes with fruits. I make them at home. Every time I put the oil on the pan and wait for the oil to heat up before I start making them. This time I got Gelinor linseed oil. It was easy to get it done. You don’t need to wait for the oil to heat up. It can be done at a medium-to-low fire, and the taste is more fragrant and delicious.


Chinese Savior Crepe

1. Material integration diagram

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

2. Add water, salt and chicken bouillon to the flour and stir to form a particle-free batter

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

3. Add eggs and shallots and mix well

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

4. Turn on medium and low heat, put Glinol linseed oil in a non-stick pan, and apply a thin layer with a brush.

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

5. Pour directly into the batter, evenly spread, turn it over after solidification, brush with your favorite sauce, put in the fried dough sticks, roll up and serve.

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe


The use of Gelinuoer linseed oil does not need to open a high fire, the whole process can use a medium and small fire, which shortens the cooking time.


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