by Xia Xingfu

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It is said that croquette was introduced to Japan from France and thrived in Japan. The name is taken from the French croquette, and the Japanese sound is koroke, which sounds like "croquette." "Cola pie" has crispy breadcrumbs on the outer layer, and smooth potato and pork on the inner layer.



1. Cut the potatoes into potato slices with an average thickness of 0.2 cm

Croquette recipe

2. Steam potato slices for 10 minutes, then spoon into mashed potatoes

Croquette recipe

3. Mince pork belly, add garlic

Croquette recipe

4. Add salt and soy sauce and stir well, marinate for 3 minutes

Croquette recipe

5. Heat a little oil in the pot, pour in the marinated meat, and saute

Croquette recipe

6. Put the fried meat into the mashed potatoes

Croquette recipe

7. Add a little black pepper to the mashed potatoes, mix well and set aside

Croquette recipe

8. Wear disposable gloves to hold the mixed mashed potatoes into your favorite shape

Croquette recipe

9. Roll in the flour one by one

Croquette recipe

10. First beat the egg to write the egg mixture, then roll the cake with the egg mixture, and then wrap the bread crumbs

Croquette recipe

11. Fry in the frying pan until golden on both sides

Croquette recipe


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