Durian Chicken Stew

Durian Chicken Stew

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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This dish cannot be eaten in winter, but it is cheap and unrestrained in summer! Some people like to be afraid, but they are actually very nourishing! When summer is here, foodies are the happiest, because there are many particularly expensive ingredients in winter, and the prices gradually become acceptable in summer. Meimei is a person who is not very sensitive to money, and she buys things casually. You can buy whatever you like. She doesn’t feel much about the price of ingredients, but she stayed at home for so long during the Spring Festival this year and buys ingredients every day to make delicacies. It took me a few months of food expenses for a month, and then I discovered that by paying attention to the prices of ingredients, I can save a lot of food expenses every month. During the Spring Festival, I suddenly became obsessed with durians somehow. I was greedy every day. How expensive are durians in winter! Thirty to forty yuan a catty, every time you find the smallest pick, you have to have hundreds of them! For someone like me who likes to eat durians, a durian is really done in just a few minutes! It hurts to eat! The durians in the summer are obviously much closer to the people, from ten to twenty yuan, you can enjoy it! When it’s cheap, we can make it in a different way. There are many ways to make durians. Naturally, all kinds of meringue desserts are no longer needed. They are also super delicious when used for cooking! Today, Meimei will bring you a tonic dish made of durian. It has a rich aroma, sweet and moisturizing, and it is really delicious after a sip. On weekdays, we are only willing to use durian shells to stew chicken. Today, let’s go extravagantly and use durian meat to stew chicken! I feel that this dish is definitely something that some people like and some are afraid of, but I sincerely hope that everyone can taste it. Not only does it taste great, but it is also very nourishing! Effects of Durian Chicken Stew


Durian Chicken Stew

1. The durian meat and chicken are prepared. The chicken is chopped into small pieces beforehand. Put the durian meat according to your own preferences. I will eat half of it and save half of the stewed chicken. After eating the remaining durian cores, you can clean and stew together. The durian flesh of this brand is very thick and has a sweet and delicate taste, which is much better than ordinary durians. recommend.

Durian Chicken Stew recipe

2. Clean the durian core for later use. Durian is so expensive, of course don’t throw away the nuclear! The durian core has the effects of clearing and replenishing qi, nourishing and nourishing yin. In Guangdong folks, durian core soup is used. Compared with durian pulp, durian core has a mild texture, and the soup can nourish the kidney and strengthen the spleen. The durian core is used to make soup. After peeling off the skin, it is stewed with the main ingredients. The texture is soft and waxy like taro and chestnut. It has the effects of nourishing the kidney and strengthening the spleen, and even has nutritional value

Durian Chicken Stew recipe

3. The ginger slices are set aside, and the durian core and durian flesh are ready.

Durian Chicken Stew recipe

4. Put chicken nuggets in a pot under cold water, heat it over a fire, add a few tablespoons of cooking wine and a few slices of ginger to remove the fishy, and bring to a boil.

Durian Chicken Stew recipe

5. After boiling, remove all the foam on the surface carefully. The chicken stewed in this way has no smell at all.

Durian Chicken Stew recipe

6. Take the boiled chicken out, put it in an electric casserole, add boiling water that has not been over the chicken nuggets, and add durian cores and ginger slices together.

Durian Chicken Stew recipe

7. Cover the lid and use the stewed chicken and duck keys to simmer for about an hour and a half. If you want to go faster, you can use a pressure cooker to simmer for ten minutes.

Durian Chicken Stew recipe

8. In the last ten minutes, pour in the durian meat, stir it slightly, crush the durian meat, and make the soup more flavorful! I highly recommend this Zengzi Musang King durian, the sweet and sweet flesh like ice cream, it is the most delicious durian I have ever eaten!

Durian Chicken Stew recipe

9. Zeng Gongzi Musang King Durian, sweet and sweet like ice cream!

Durian Chicken Stew recipe


The chicken should be blanched in advance so that the stewed sugar is refreshing and has no peculiar smell. If you like the richer aroma in the soup, you can put the durian meat in advance and simmer it a little bit, so that the durian pulp is completely integrated into the soup, and the taste is better. For the complete and beautiful recipe, I will leave a whole piece of durian. This durian stewed chicken is sweet and nourishing. Take advantage of the low price of durian in the summer, so you can supplement it for your family!


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