Easy Claypot Rice

Easy Claypot Rice

by Eye left eye

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There are no ingredients, clear the leftovers in the refrigerator


Easy Claypot Rice

1. Add water one knuckle deeper than rice, add sesame oil and soak for half an hour, then put it on the pot, boil it and simmer over low heat

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

2. When the stew starts to show holes like this, add sausage

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

3. Cut as much as you like

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

4. Arrange as you like

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

5. Put the seasoning as you like

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

6. Tearing cabbage and cutting cucumber

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

7. Stir fry with thirteen flavors of pepper and salt

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

8. Smell the rice crust, it's almost done, put the fried vegetables in together, add an egg, turn off the heat and cover and simmer for a while, until the eggs are cooked

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

9. With these tunes, it’s okay if the thick soup can’t be melted, just pour it into the pot and it will melt.

Easy Claypot Rice recipe

10. Open the lid and pour the sauce, move on

Easy Claypot Rice recipe


Haha it's not bad to do it for the first time!


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