Fennel Fried Bun

Fennel Fried Bun

by Yoha Kitchen

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Shengjian is a snack in Shanghai and other places.
We call it a furnace bag here,
The shape is not as meticulous as that of Shanghai pan-fried,
To put it bluntly, this is fried buns.
The family can also do it,
Considering the need to use frying,
Will be discouraged, always feel better than steamed buns,
I want to try it when I have a good pot.


Fennel Fried Bun

1. Put all the ingredients of the dough into the bucket of the bread machine, knead it into a smooth dough (15 minutes for a kneading process), and round it into the pot for fermentation;

Fennel Fried Bun recipe

2. Prepare fennel and minced meat;

Fennel Fried Bun recipe

3. Clean the fennel, blanch it in the pot, remove it and let it cool in the cold water, drain off the water and chop;

Fennel Fried Bun recipe

4. Put ginger powder, Shaoxing wine, soy sauce, and salt in the meat filling and stir well, add an appropriate amount of water and stir well, and finally add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil and stir well;

Fennel Fried Bun recipe

5. Put the chopped fennel and the prepared meat together, put an appropriate amount of salt and vegetable oil in the fennel, and mix well before wrapping;

Fennel Fried Bun recipe

6. Take out the fermented dough and knead it evenly, divide it into the required size, not too big, just bigger than the dumplings;

Fennel Fried Bun recipe

7. Roll out the skin, encrust the stuffing, shape the buns, and let the buns stand for a few minutes;

Fennel Fried Bun recipe

8. Brush the bottom of the pot with a little oil with a brush, put the steamed buns in, heat on a low heat, about 3 minutes later, pour in an appropriate amount of water, the amount of water is 1/3 of the steamed buns, turn to medium heat;

Fennel Fried Bun recipe

9. Cover the pot, fry until the water is almost evaporated, sprinkle a little sesame seeds and chopped parsley (you should sprinkle some shallots, there is no wood), turn off the heat and start the pot; there are 10 minutes in total;

Fennel Fried Bun recipe


These noodles just wrapped all the fillings, and they were fried four times in total. Each time they were spread with oil, they could be fried twice. They were completely non-sticky, and the bottom of the pan-fried was also very well colored.


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