Fried Buns

Fried Buns

by Xiao Xiaoduo and Buns

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It’s been a long time since I made pan-fried buns. I made a pot this weekend, uh, weird. It seems that over time, the bun technology has regressed. If you want the pan-fried buns to look good, you have to make them smaller.

Fried Buns

1. Chop the meat, chop the shiitake mushrooms, add various seasonings, stir in one direction with chopsticks, and refrigerate for later use.

Fried Buns recipe

2. Take a clean basin and add flour, sugar and yeast.

Fried Buns recipe

3. First mix the flour, sugar and yeast, and then pour the water while stirring with chopsticks to make the flour become flocculent. Don't pour the water all at once, save a little, and add it after you see the dryness and wetness of the dough.

Fried Buns recipe

4. Knead the dough into a dough with your hands. If it feels too dry, you can dip your hands in water and knead it into the dough to avoid adding too much water. Knead until you can't see the dry powder at all, then knead it into a ball, cover it with plastic wrap, and ferment at room temperature for 15 minutes to half an hour. If you see that it has started to ferment, put it in the refrigerator. Make buns the next morning. The room temperature is high, and the hair is fast, and the time is short.

Fried Buns recipe

5. Take out the dough from the refrigerator the next day and see that it is full of loose cellulite. If it is still not good, let it go at room temperature for a while. Remember that the minced meat should also be brought out to warm up at room temperature, otherwise the buns will not wake up after being too iced.

Fried Buns recipe

6. Press the dough into the air, fold it up, down, left, and right twice and knead it evenly.

Fried Buns recipe

7. Then knead the dough into a long strip, then fold it by a third, and then knead it into a long strip. Repeat this three times.

Fried Buns recipe

8. Finally, the dough is rolled into long strips and divided into 9 uniform doses. It's okay to divide it into a few more, but the buns are smaller, as you like.

Fried Buns recipe

9. Take an agent and knead it into a ball, press gently to flatten it, and pinch the edge thinly.

Fried Buns recipe

10. Add appropriate amount of minced meat.

Fried Buns recipe

11. Knead the pleats together, and finally seal.

Fried Buns recipe

12. Prepare all the buns, cover them with a fresh-up or fresh-keeping lid, and let them rise at room temperature for a period of time, about 1.5 times their size.

Fried Buns recipe

13. Pour a small amount of oil in a non-stick pan, put the steamed buns into the pan one by one, and fry them on low heat for a minute or two.

Fried Buns recipe

14. Pour in a bowl of water, about half the height of the steamed buns, cover the pot, cook on low heat, add water again, and cook until dry.

Fried Buns recipe

15. Finally, sprinkle an appropriate amount of cooked sesame seeds and green onion, simmer it, hear the sound of sizzling, shake it lightly, the bun can be moved easily, that's it, you can turn off the heat.

Fried Buns recipe


1. It is summer now and the temperature is high. You can use the method of fermentation at room temperature for a while, and then refrigerate and ferment the noodles. Basically, it will be made the next day. If the room temperature is low, the effect of refrigeration is not good.
2. If the minced meat is to be delicious, it should not be stirred randomly, and it should be stirred in one direction to form the glue. Remember to take it out the next day and warm it up at room temperature, otherwise it will affect the proofing of the buns.
3. When adding water to boil, don't have too much water at a time. It is about half of the height of the buns, which is similar to the method of frying dumplings. Add water twice to ensure that the meat is cooked thoroughly.


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