Hand-rolled Noodles

Hand-rolled Noodles

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Near noon, I was preparing to cook noodles. Outside the grocery store, the boss came with a pack of wet noodles, but no one agreed. The second time the boss came with a pack of wet noodles, no one responded. Still no one responded. I thought to myself to stop yelling, time is waiting for no one! Go home and roll it out and be self-sufficient, so that you can roll the noodles out of the pot. "


Hand-rolled Noodles

1. Roll the dough into slices and cut into strips

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe

2. Shredded gourd

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe

3. Peel and cut tomatoes

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe

4. Add oil and saute the pepper and garlic, add the gourd melon and tomatoes

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe

5. Add fresh soy sauce and stir fry to change color

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe

6. Out of the pot😊

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe

7. Stir in the noodles and sprinkle with shallots and chicken shreds, a bowl of noodles and a bowl of soup, simple and delicious 😄

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe


When making noodles, put a little less salt to cook out the noodles.


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