Home Style-mapo Tofu

Home Style-mapo Tofu

by A Mushroom cool

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Mapo tofu is a classic home-cooked dish. Someone in the family likes Mapo tofu, but doesn’t like peppercorns. It has been improved in taste, so it’s called the homemade version. You can put some pepper powder in it. Don’t spray it if you don’t like it. share it


Home Style-mapo Tofu

1. Wash the pork and use a food processor to beat it into minced meat.

Home Style-mapo Tofu recipe

2. Cut the tofu into small cubes and put it in boiling water with a little salt to remove the beany taste, remove it and soak it in water to dry it.

Home Style-mapo Tofu recipe

3. Heat the wok, pour oil, add minced meat and stir fry; wait until the pork filling becomes discolored

Home Style-mapo Tofu recipe

4. Add bean paste and stir fry

Home Style-mapo Tofu recipe

5. Add chopped green onion, sugar, light soy sauce, pepper powder, oyster sauce until minced meat is colored (with ginger, chopped and put)

Home Style-mapo Tofu recipe

6. Bring the right amount of water to a boil; add tofu and boil for 3 minutes

Home Style-mapo Tofu recipe

7. Add appropriate amount of salt to season and serve and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

Home Style-mapo Tofu recipe

8. Finished product

Home Style-mapo Tofu recipe


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