Kale Fried Rice

Kale Fried Rice

by Jamie 4882738

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I have always said that I like fried rice very much. Today I will use my favorite kale for fried rice


Kale Fried Rice

1. Kale, sausages, crab sticks are changed to diced with a knife; garlic is minced; green onions are cut into flowers; corn shoots are cut apart

Kale Fried Rice recipe

2. Pour the oil in the pan, add the kale diced, stir fry for 1 minute and serve

Kale Fried Rice recipe

3. Beat the eggs, add 1 spoon of rice wine, 2 grams of salt and chopped green onion and stir

Kale Fried Rice recipe

4. Pour the beaten egg liquid into a frying pan, stir fry and serve

Kale Fried Rice recipe

5. Use the remaining oil to fry the rice and stir it up

Kale Fried Rice recipe

6. Add crab sticks, sausages, baby corn

Kale Fried Rice recipe

7. Add salt and 1 spoon of oyster sauce to enhance the flavor [no need to add MSG],

Kale Fried Rice recipe

8. Loading

Kale Fried Rice recipe


Ingredients can also be added according to personal taste.


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