Lamb Braised Rice

Lamb Braised Rice

by meggy dancing apple

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Lamb is a perfect match with carrots and onions, and cumin is the perfect seasoning. Stir-fry these few things first, then mix them with the raw rice evenly. Before they are out of the pot, the house will smell fragrant, conditioned reflex, and drooling again! Let's make a long story short, you'll see what you do.


Lamb Braised Rice

1. Lamb leg, rice, carrots, and onions are ready; scrape the outer skin of carrots and peel off the old skin on onions and rinse them out; pinch two pinches of cumin;

Lamb Braised Rice recipe

2. Cut the leg of lamb into strips and then dice. The size is as big as the first knuckle of the thumb. It's too snack and not addictive;

Lamb Braised Rice recipe

3. Cut the onion into cubes of about 2 cm; the onion will make your eyes hot when you cut it. I have two coups. One is to wear swimming goggles, because the eye sockets can be sealed, so the spiciness will not smoke the eyes and cause tears; the other coup is to let go In a basin of cold water, cut an onion and wash the knife in the water again, so as not to make your eyes cry;

Lamb Braised Rice recipe

4. Cut the carrots into strips and then dice them. Don’t worry about the carrot stewed rice being rotten, because it is fixed in the rice and combined with the fat in the mutton, it can also convert the carrot into vitamin A, which has a great effect on the eyes. The benefits;

Lamb Braised Rice recipe

5. Pour a little oil in the wok. When the oil temperature is 6 to 70% hot, stir the lamb into the wok to change its color, without adding cooking wine; first sprinkle the cumin in the wok and stir fry to get the fragrance, and then pour some soy sauce to mix;

Lamb Braised Rice recipe

6. Pour the carrots and onions into the pot and stir-fry, sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt and sauté evenly, turn off the heat, no need to fry; at this time, the gravy and vegetable juices have come out, and these juices should be counted in the amount of rice water;

Lamb Braised Rice recipe

7. After the rice is cleaned, add half of the usual water consumption, then pour the evenly fried lamb, carrots and onions together with the soup into the rice, mix well; power on the rice cooker and use the ordinary braising procedure to do it;

Lamb Braised Rice recipe

8. After the mutton stewed rice is out of the pot, use a rice spoon to spread it evenly, sprinkle a little chopped green onion and start eating! A catty of lamb stewed into a big pot of rice, meat, vegetables and staple food, delicious, the whole family likes it.

Lamb Braised Rice recipe


1. Fried lamb, carrots and onions are more flavorful. Vegetable juice is included in the water consumption of rice, and during the braising process, carrots and onions will further penetrate the juice into the rice, so be sure to control the amount of water; less water , It’s very vigorous to eat the grains; the watery and sticky affects the beauty and taste;
2. In the same way, you can also make bacon stewed rice, pork ribs stewed rice, taro stewed rice and so on.


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