Leek and Egg Pie

Leek and Egg Pie

by Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang

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Everyone in the family likes to eat leeks, whether it is dumplings, pies or buns, they are basically stuffed with leeks. So the stuff I make with leek stuffing will be a little bit better than others. Some parts of the recipe may not be particularly detailed at the first time. Welcome to consult. I will answer when I see it.


Leek and Egg Pie

1. Heat the pan with cold oil, add the beaten egg liquid, and beat

Leek and Egg Pie recipe

2. Wait for the egg to cool in the gap, knead the white flour and water into a smooth dough, wake up for a while

Leek and Egg Pie recipe

3. Wash the leeks and control the moisture, chop them into cold eggs, add all the seasonings and stir evenly

Leek and Egg Pie recipe

4. Roll the dough into long strips and cut into even-sized noodles

Leek and Egg Pie recipe

5. Use a rolling pin to roll into a dumpling wrapper shape

Leek and Egg Pie recipe

6. Seal like a bun and press gently

Leek and Egg Pie recipe

7. Preheat and oil the electric baking pan, put in the pie, and close the lid. Turn it over when one of the red lights is off, and it will be out of the pot when both of them are off.

Leek and Egg Pie recipe

8. Put the lid on the finished pie, otherwise it will become hard

Leek and Egg Pie recipe


1. Put all the seasonings except oil and stir evenly. Finally, add the oil and stir again to prevent the leeks from leaking out.\n2, the soybean paste can be put on, because my mother likes to enlarge the sauce, so I am good at it.


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