Northeast Braised Rice

Northeast Braised Rice

by Looking for Peach Blossom Island

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Northeast Random Stew is a famous home-cooked dish. It is stewed with eggplant, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, corn, carrots, etc. and pork belly. It is very homely and delicious. The braised rice made with this idea is simple and convenient, and the ingredients are matched as you like. Using bacon instead of pork belly, no need to put oil, the finished product is more delicious.


Northeast Braised Rice

1. Wash 2 cups of rice, add half a block of water more than usual, soak for 20 minutes

Northeast Braised Rice recipe

2. Dice eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and bacon. Remove two old tendons and dice kidney beans. Quick-frozen corn kernels for use

Northeast Braised Rice recipe

3. Pour all the ingredients in the previous step into the rice cooker, add salt, light soy sauce, and dark soy sauce, mix well

Northeast Braised Rice recipe

4. After starting the claypot rice program, wait for the program to complete, open it, and mix well.

Northeast Braised Rice recipe


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