Nut Fried Rice

Nut Fried Rice

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I prefer to eat fried rice, which is very convenient to make.
At home, fried rice is usually made with electric cake stalls. It is not easy to paste the pan and puts less oil. The color is very nice when fried.
In the winter nut season, many people eat nuts as snacks. If you put nuts in fried rice, it will be more flavorful!


Nut Fried Rice

1. Wash all the ingredients and cut into small dices for later use

Nut Fried Rice recipe

2. The walnuts are broken apart, and the almond wood can be divided into two without being divided into two.

Nut Fried Rice recipe

3. Put oil in the pancake stall, add chopped green onion and ginger, and start to fry. Sauté the carrots, diced, diced corn and peas first.

Nut Fried Rice recipe

4. After it's cooked quickly, add the remaining ingredients. Finally add the rice. If you don't like eating fungus, don't let it go.

Nut Fried Rice recipe

5. Made for two people. One with black fungus, one without. The ingredients are up to you

Nut Fried Rice recipe

6. This one has no black fungus and cabbage leaves. The fried rice tastes great after adding nuts. Children especially like to eat almonds inside.

Nut Fried Rice recipe


1. Dianbing fried rice is more convenient than pan-fried rice
2. The ingredients for the fried rice are added according to personal preference
3. Nut fried rice is very nutritious, put a few at a time, not too much


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