Open Onion Oil Noodles

Open Onion Oil Noodles

by Xianger Kitchen

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There are countless ways to cook noodles. As long as you walk into a noodle restaurant in Shanghai, no matter the size of the noodle restaurant, there are at least dozens of them. Among all kinds of noodles, you will be dazzled to choose, and you don't know what to eat. Today I’m going to share the onion oil noodles. This bowl of noodles, I think it’s more fragrant and delicious to make at home than in the noodle shop, because the scallion sauce in the noodle shop is freshly boiled. It is cooked in advance, and only the noodles mixed with hot noodles and hot sauce are the best.


Open Onion Oil Noodles

1. Make the noodles first. I use a fully automatic water-adding noodle machine, so I don’t need to worry about the machine when I put the water in the noodles. Pour mineral water into the water tank of the noodle machine, put the flour into the automatic noodle machine, close the lid, start the machine, and the noodles will come out in a while

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe

2. After the noodles are all finished, we need to prepare the ingredients for boiled scallion oil, remove the roots, wash the scallions and cut them into even sections, rinse with hot water and control the water, add light soy sauce to the bowl, mix well, 1 Spoon sugar and mix well

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe

3. Pour the oil in the hot pan, warm the oil and put the shallots into the pan. Use medium heat to make the green onion leaf color paste. The cooking process should be mixed with chopsticks from time to time so that the shallots are heated evenly

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe

4. Then put the open ocean into the pot and mix well until the aroma is released. The shallots are originally intended to enhance the fragrance and remove the fishy smell, so that the open ocean will not have a smell when it is eaten.

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe

5. Then pour the prepared sauce into the pot and turn off the heat immediately after boiling

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe

6. While boiling the scallion oil, put in another pot and pour in water. After the water is boiled, pour in the noodles and turn off the heat after they are cooked.

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe

7. Pick up the cooked noodles to control the water and pour directly into the scallion oil and mix well to get out of the pot

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe

8. Put it in a bowl and sprinkle chopped green onion to enjoy. When it's hot, mix it and eat it without the green onion flavor

Open Onion Oil Noodles recipe


1. We are used to this kind of sauce, so I also added the dark soy sauce, which can be adjusted according to my own preferences.

2. Different brands of soy sauce are also different in saltiness. I think the taste of soy sauce is enough, so there is no need to add salt. White sugar can adjust the saltiness of soy sauce in a small amount. If it is too sweet, it will have a greasy taste.


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